Kimberly Public Library

Open House Community Engagement

The Kimberly Public Library will host a Community Engagement Open House in the James J. Siebers Memorial Library at 515 West Kimberly Avenue at 6:30pm on Tuesday, May 31. Library Director, Holly Selwitschka, will share the library’s story of transition, talk about the characteristics that define the library today, then engage attendees in a discussion that will provide insight into designing a strategic plan to compel the library forward with focus and intention.

The Community Engagement Open House will be one of several opportunities to connect with the library as it undergoes a shared strategic planning process with the Village of Kimberly. The community engagement aspect of the strategic planning process was encouraged by a grant through American Library Association (ALA) Libraries Transforming Communities (LTC) Initiative. Library Director, Holly Selwitschka, has completed the LTC training in community engagement and is committed to listening to the voice of the people who benefit from the services that Kimberly Public Library provides.


Tuesday, May 31, 2022


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Kimberly Public Library